Children’s yoga. Stories about asanas for children


Yoga is an ancient teaching created for cleansing, healing, and strengthening the body, as well as finding peace of mind and balance. Children’s yoga is not just another fashion trend. Many doctors and specialists talk about the beneficial effects of yoga on the child’s body. Children’s yoga is a complex of classes based on hatha yoga, which creates all the conditions for harmonious and competent growth.

To maintain health, develop flexibility and endurance, the ability to concentrate attention is necessary from an early age, which is why a children’s version of yoga was developed taking into account the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics.

Of the multitude of different parts of yoga, the guideline of Yama-Niyama and asanas are the most reasonable for youngsters’ discernment. The idea of ” Pit ” implies a bunch of moral standards: honesty, peacefulness, non-robbery, forbearance, reluctance of others.

Niyama builds up the essentials of individual conduct: neatness, happiness, limitation, and so forth In this manner, fixing all-inclusive qualities in the personalities of kids, creating them genuinely and inwardly, yoga encourages the youngster to turn into an amicably created, inventive individual. In this sense, yoga classes can be considered as a method for schooling and a vital expansion to general instruction.

Physical activity is important for the best improvement of your child’s body, well-being, prosperity, and full existence. The order of exercises in yoga for quite a long time demonstrated their adequacy for different ages. It has a lot of interesting things for the youngest professionals.

“Stories about asana for children”. In each story, we try to tell about some kind of yoga asana. Most asanas are named after what surrounds us: nature or living beings.

This excites the enthusiasm of young viewers from the first words. In addition, the ideas of the otherworldly are coordinated in every fantasy: unselfishness, helping other people, administration, human intelligence, boundless love. After some time, there will be more and more fantasies in this segment. We are sure that every parent will have their own interesting fantasy based on the above stories. Appreciate an attentive and convincing turn of events!

Children’s yoga: tales of asanas

Physical exercise is necessary for the proper development of the body, health, well-being, and a full life of your baby. The system of exercises in yoga has long been proven to be effective for different ages. There is a lot of interesting things in it for the youngest practitioners.

We bring to your attention Stories about asana for children, in which the main characters learn important spiritual values, simultaneously developing physically. In each story, we try to tell you about some yoga asanas. Most asanas are named after what surrounds us: nature or animals.

This arouses the interest of young listeners from the first words. Also, the concepts of spirituality are integrated into each fairy tale: selflessness, helping others, service, the purpose of a person, unconditional love. Over time, there will be more and more fairy tales in this section. We are sure that each parent will have their own unique fairy tale, built on the basis of the above stories. Enjoy your reading and effective development!

Tree Pose

In one woodland area grew a huge and delicious Tree. There were many neighboring trees around, and each neighbor was not quite the same as the other: one had a lush crown of green leaves; another had soft needles with smooth cones; the third was small and lived in the charming cool shadow of a neighbor-a monster with an incredible trunk.

The trees were friendly: they were always ready to move when they spoke to brother Windu; they held hands, helping the squirrels that were their fancy women move along the branches to the opposite end of the forest as they hurried to get supplies for the winter; carefully sheltered from the rain and snow, the homes of flying creatures and mink animals.

One day the Boy went for a walk in the woods. He liked the Tree, no doubt. He came over to meet me.

“Hello, Tree! How sweet you are!

“Hello, child.” The tree responded. “Tell me who I am.”

“Don’t you know how big and tall you are?” “- the boy was surprised.

“No, I’ve never watched myself, considering there are no mirrors in the wilderness,” said the Tree.

– Well, at that point, I’ll mention to you what you are. You have exceptionally solid roots, and you clutch the ground so firmly that I can’t make you influence! How wide is your trunk: I won’t have the option to put my arms around you, I’ll need to call my companions to embrace you! What’s more, how tall you are, and what number of things you find out yonder:

I should develop to arrive at your lower branches! What’s more, you have such a large number of leaves that it won’t be simple for me to tally them, in any event, when I grow up and go to class! That is the thing that you are, a Tree. I might so want to be as solid and enormous!

– What might you do in the event that you were solid and large as a tree?” the Tree inquired.

– Oh, I would help the individuals who haven’t grown up yet. You realize that it is so extraordinary to help other people?! I realize that you are consistently glad to pass the message of the breeze starting with one neighbor then onto the next, that it must tumble to the person who is hanging tight for him;

I perceived how firmly you trees close their hands are the branches when the little squirrel need to move to the opposite finish of the timberland, and I realize that various animals and feathered creatures surge around you when it’s cold or coming down. I’ve seen you help other people each day since you’re greater and more grounded than them. Furthermore, I additionally need to help other people, yet I’m so little.

– Do you need me to show you how to become like me so you can help other people?” the Tree said.

– Is that conceivable?” the Boy shouted happily.

– obviously, – the Tree grinned – – that is the thing that you have to do:

Tree Pose

Remain on your correct leg. What’s more, twist your left leg at the knee and point it aside. Spot the foot of the bowed leg on the hip of the straight leg. Stand solidly and certainly: clutch the ground with your correct foot, similarly as I clutch my underlying foundations.

Set up your hands and lift your hands up high. Connect with your hands to the sky and the sun as I connect with my branches.

Presently attempt something very similar once more, simply switch your legs. Remain to your left side leg. Furthermore, twist your correct leg at the knee and point it aside. Spot the foot of the twisted leg on the hip of the straight leg. Set up your hands and lift your hands up high.

– How decent, I’ve become particularly like you!” the Boy was glad. – Oh, look, the little Hedgehog additionally needs to be enormous and solid, he likewise remained in the tree present.

“Furthermore, presently I will reveal to you a significant mystery,” said the Tree. – It doesn’t make a difference how tall you are and how much quality you have, you can generally help other people. All things considered, the most significant thing is that your central core is large. They are the ones who do Good.

– Oh, how great that I can help other people now! I will consistently get up the manner in which you showed me, with the goal that I can recall your words better. Much thanks to you!

Also, the upbeat Boy ran home.

The Pose Of The Crescent Moon

The sun conveyed its last delicate pink beams for the afternoon and vanished behind the neighboring houses. What’s more, the girl couldn’t go to an answer for her inquiry. She remained with her exposed feet on a stool that was attracted up to the window and viewed the primary stars light up in the sky. Father had revealed to her that stars were mystical and could get imperceptible.

“Look,” he said to his little girl,” you don’t see the stars in the daytime, isn’t that right?” “Here! Furthermore, they are!” — father shouted fundamentally. What’s more, he revealed to her a brilliant tale about starlight.

“Since the Sun is the nearest star to us, its light is so splendid during the day that we can’t see the light of inaccessible stars, however, we can’t feel that they aren’t there on the grounds that our eyes can’t see them,” Dad clarified. So the young lady understood that there is something else entirely to the world than what we can see with our eyes.

“What’s more, the moon? — what’s going on here? ” she had inquired. “The Moon,” Dad said mysteriously, ” the Moon brings exhortation.” The young lady’s eyes augmented in shock.

She quickly envisioned a Crescent moon with glasses on its censure nose, responding to inquiries from individuals who required guidance. The line to this counselor extended in a long queue until the entryways of daybreak.

With the main beams of the Sun, the Crescent moon completed its working day and went to rest. At times he lost a ton of weight from the bustling calendar of offering guidance and turned out to be very flimsy.

Yet, it appeared that now and again the line of solicitors diminished, and he possessed energy for mid-day breaks. At that point, it turned out to be discernibly stout and transformed into a full, sparkling moon.

The Pose Of The Crescent Moon

Also, presently the Girl took a gander at the Golden bent Crescent in the sky and envisioned that she, as well, had gone to the Crescent to request guidance, since she needed to settle on a choice. Out of nowhere the Crescent moon grinned at her and inclined its round side nearer to her window.

— Tell me, youngster, for what reason do you need my assistance?”

“Daddy says the moon brings exhortation,” the young lady started hesitantly. — You are the moon, right?”

— So you need my recommendation?” Crescent expressed the words a little gradually and unmistakably. All things considered, he required them to plainly arrive at the conversationalist on the Ground, and this is far.

— I can’t settle on a decision, ” the Girl conceded. — I can go to the day camp in the late spring. There will be games, other youngsters, and open-air fire tunes. I truly need to go to camp!

Bow gestured gradually.

— But then I won’t have the option to go to my cherished grandma in the nation. What’s more, I love remaining with my grandmother. Get up right on time, swim in the waterway, water the beds, and eat apples directly from the tree.

My mother and father said that I would already be able to settle on my own decision where to go and assume liability for my choice. Be that as it may, I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do, ” and she brought down her dismal eyes.

“Your dad is correct,” said the Crescent. — But do you know why they consider me the person who offers guidance?” Because I carry the night with me. On the off chance that you need to settle on the correct choices, they should be thought of. With the issue, you have to live as the night progressed, and afterward, the morning will come. Furthermore, the morning of the night is increasingly modern.

At the point when you consider your own inquiry, you don’t require different guides, you can settle on your own choice. What your inward voice reveals to you when you Wake up will be the right answer. Presently I will show you how to discover balance in your internal world for a sound and solid rest. Take the Crescent posture:

Remain with your options exhausted. Twist around to the correct side and put your correct hand on the floor, your left hand up. Incline toward your correct leg, and lift your left leg and point it to the side along the divider.

Stand like this for some time, in the half-moon position. At that point rehash the situation with a tilt to one side.

After an activity in balance inside herself, the Girl headed to sleep. She stirred at sunrise and grinned at the rising Sun and the imperceptible however distant uncle Crescent, who, following full-time work, set out to settle on his resting top and set down until night. The young lady definitely realized what decision she would make, since she tuned in to her internal sentiments. What might you pick? The response to this inquiry tomorrow first thing. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to rest. Goodbye!

Child’s pose (a fairy tale for parents)

There were many individuals on the Playground: kids were playing in the sandbox, more seasoned children were taking care of business and make up for lost time, first-graders were drawing “works of art” with chalk and excitedly attempting to bounce superior to their companions.

The young lady was cheerful and glad: she cherished the openness of the road and the newness of the evening breeze. At the point when you need to move, it’s ideal to go out. In the wake of running, the Girl plunked down to lay on the edge of the sandbox and started to look like the more youthful sibling, with the help of his mom, figures out how to shape various creatures from the sand.

In any case, her look went to the far seat where Papa was sitting. The young lady saw her own and much-cherished face and saw that her dad was mindful and even somewhat miserable. She’d been feeling it for as far back as hardly any days. She headed toward her father and plunked down close to him. I just stayed there for some time, and afterward, I inquired:

– Dad, for what reason would you say you are tragic?

— I’m not tragic, dear. I’m only somewhat worn out, ” father grinned and stroked his girl’s hair.

— Why do individuals get drained?” “what is it?” the girl inquired.

— In grown-up life, some of the time you need to accomplish something that isn’t exceptionally wonderful and simple. Be that as it may, it’s significant, so individuals put their vitality into it and… get drained, ” the Pope said.

The young lady was quiet for a second, and afterward stated:

— I’d prefer to support you.”

“My dear, I am thankful to you, however, you can’t help me in this issue,” said Papa.

— But I can impart a tad bit of my adolescence to you, so the concerns of adulthood will be somewhat less.” After all, you and your mom consistently share something helpful with me. So I should do likewise. It is safe to say that you are prepared?

Father grinned liberally and gestured. His considerations were occupied with the troublesome circumstance at work, however, he would not like to insult his little girl.

“At that point get up!” “Stop it!” the Girl directed. He complied. — You should run with me and rehash every one of my developments.

Father glanced around. There were many individuals in the city, and he would not like to look absurd. However, his little girl took a gander at him with such motivation that he overlooked his feelings of trepidation.

“How about we begin!” — stop it! ” she yelled and ran forward. From the start, father ran along unobtrusively, making an effort not to pull in the consideration of passers-by. However, the Girl was running quicker and quicker, and he had no clue about what quality lay in that little body. He quickened to find her.

She spread her arms wide and took a gander at him — ” Repeat!” He spread his hands unadroitly. “More extensive,” she yelled. “Palms to the sky!” He loosened up his arms to their full width and turned his palms up. He continued pursuing her, he felt the breeze all over, he opened his arms to the world, a grin showed up all over.

His girl ran next to him, and when she saw that he confided in her and adhered to every one of his guidelines, she shouted with delight. He opened his teeth, discharged the pressure, and chuckled as loud as possible. He ran, arms outstretched, roaring with laughter. Close to the sandbox, my mom was grinning delicately with her younger sibling in her arms.

They ran into the passage and hustled up the steps to the fifth floor. Chuckling, they made the way for the condo, and father got the Girl and spun her high and high. The sentiment of snugness in his mind that had been with him for a few days was gone, supplanted by a sentiment of gentility and warmth.

At the point when they quieted down a little, the Girl said significantly this was not all. Presently, to quiet down appropriately, you have to keep on being a kid. Furthermore, she instructed him to play out an extraordinary posture.

Child’s pose (a fairy tale for parents)

“Sit behind you, unite your feet, and lie forward. Put your head on your knees and your arms at your sides. Take a full breath.”

The father decided to stick to his little girl’s standards as much as possible and obeyed. A subtle sense of comfort, security, and non-abrasiveness enveloped him. He remembered the gift. He, too, as a child, had settled in with his family and felt the most secure on the planet. Why hadn’t he noticed?

They lay peacefully side by side. Moreover, when the time came to return to the same old one, the father hugged the girl and expressed his gratitude to her for a little youth, and also vowed not to lose sight of it this time.


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