Creamy mushroom cream soup

Creamy mushroom cream soup

Creamy mushroom cream soup from mushrooms has a rich, refined taste. It is arranged rapidly and basically. This formula for pounded soup can be securely ascribed to plans in a rush. It is accepted that the cream soup of mushrooms started to be set up in Europe around fifty years prior around 70 years of the only remaining century. There are numerous plans for making squashed soups. In any case, I like this formula the most.

Creamy mushroom cream soup The main ingredient of this soup is forest mushrooms (mushrooms, chanterelles, white). Not only fresh, but also pickled, salted, and dried fruits are used.


Mushrooms-300 g Potatoes-100-150 g
Milk cream-100-200 ml Butter-20 g
salt, pepper, herbs to taste


Peel the potatoes and cut them not too large. Pour water so that it slightly covers the potatoes, add salt, and put to cook. Cut the mushrooms. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the mushrooms. Ready potatoes, mushrooms, cream, salt, and spices are loaded into a blender and whisk. If desired, you can bring to a boil or serve immediately, garnishing with herbs.

Have a nice meal!


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