Red pesto sauce

Red pesto sauce

Red pesto sauce brings great benefits to the human body! It stimulates the immune system, reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol, removes toxins, and, in general, improves the functioning of the digestive system. Although pesto is quite a high-calorie sauce, this does not prevent it from being a welcome guest on the table of a hostess who watches her figure.

Of course, the most famous basil sauce is Genoese pesto. Ideally, it needs sweet Ligurian basil, and only the leaves, and only olive oil and pine nuts.
And no blender, just a mortar and pestle! In reality, everything is much simpler – take any green basil, those nuts that are at hand, and good vegetable oil and use a blender. Get a lovely basil sauce.

The classic pesto sauce is made from green basil and the original sauce has a green color. But there is another variation of this dish: with the addition of dried tomatoes-red pesto-Pesto Rosso (pesto Rosso)

The exact proportions of the sauce do not exist. However, the main ingredients are almost constant. First of all, it is basil. Only green leaves are taken, red is not suitable – it has too bright a flavor and can color the dish in an unattractive color. Parmesan is a necessary ingredient, and it is most suitable for hard cheeses.


Dried tomatoes in oil-100 g Cherry tomatoes-100 g
Almonds (petals) – 50 g Cheese (hard without rennet) – 50 g
Tomato or olive oil-100 g Basil – 30 g



Pre-wash the Basil thoroughly and dry it thoroughly. Grate the cheese or cut it into small pieces. Add the sun-dried tomatoes and their oil. Cut the cherry tomatoes and pour boiling water over them. Add salt and spices. Use a blender or mortar to mix all the ingredients.

Have a nice meal!


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