String beans with mushrooms

String beans with mushrooms

Such a low caloric content of string beans, coupled with high nutritional properties, allows you to use it as a main product for weight loss, and excellent taste qualities guarantee that snacks and side dishes with asparagus will appeal to even the most fastidious gourmets on a diet.

How valuable mushrooms are as a food depends on their age. What they are younger, so they are more nutritious and is a great nutritional value, they make more delicious dishes. Young mushrooms are rich in enzymes, vitamins, and mineral salts, while older ones contain less valuable nutrients and inorganic compounds.


String beans-500 g (fresh or frozen) Mushrooms-500 g
Sour cream – ½ tbsp. Pepper, salt to taste
Parsley-bunch Ghee oil-2 tbsp.



In a pan, heat the ghee oil, add the spices, and warm them for 5 minutes. Cut the mushrooms and put them in the pan. Defrost the beans, cut them in half, add them to the mushrooms, and add salt. Simmer until tender. Add smetana. Parsley finely cut, sprinkle when serving.

Have a nice meal!


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