Vegetarian tomato sauce

Vegetarian tomato sauce

Sauces are a phenomenal flavor expansion to different hot dishes-cabbage moves, goulashes, cutlets, meatballs.

Tomato sauce is adored by numerous Housewives, as it has a wonderful, prepared taste, delicate inconsistency, flexible being used, and excellent in appearance.

All the fixings are accessible in retail chains, so it isn’t hard to set up the sauce.

Vegetarian tomato sauce: ingredients

Wheat flour – 4 tablespoons; Fresh tomato-200 grams;
Purified water-100 milliliters; Butter – 50 grams;
Honey-2 teaspoons; Sea salt – 1 teaspoon;
Black pepper with peas – 5 peas; Allspice – 5 peas;


Method of preparation:

Fry the flour in a dry (without oil) pan until Golden and send it to the pan where the sauce will be prepared;
Cut the tomato in half, remove the stalk and three on a small grater (discard the skin of the tomato after wiping), simmer in a pan with oil for 3 minutes;

On a cutting board, with a regular rolling pin, knead the black pepper, sweet pepper, and send these spices to the tomato.
Combine the flour with the tomato, stir with a fork until smooth, then add water, honey, salt, seasoning “Universal”, mix thoroughly again and put on the burner;
At medium temperature, constantly stirring, bring the sauce to a light boil and remove from the burner.
Our wonderful and delicious tomato sauce is ready.

Good meal, friends!