How to find your Spiritual Master (guru) part 1

How to find your Spiritual Master (guru) part 1

How to find your spiritual master (guru) this is a spiritual teacher, a guide on the path of self-knowledge. And the question of finding a teacher in many traditions is extremely important. Is the question of finding a guru relevant in the modern world? Is it possible to develop independently, without a spiritual teacher?

What criteria should be used to assess their competence? What difficulties can arise in the search for a spiritual master? And how, exactly, to find it? Think of your mind as a support on the path of spiritual development. Listen to your conscience. To realize yourself as an immortal soul. Learn to perceive the people around you as teachers. Five types of spiritual master (guru)

So who is the spiritual master guru?

In Sanskrit, a master is a person who dispels the darkness of oblivion. Your Spiritual Master is not only a deep instructor who understands a little more than we do and can pass on the data to us. Your Spiritual Master is an otherworldly mentor who doesn’t just know something, he’s become it!

Truth cannot be known by the brain (manas), it must be made by expanding Consciousness from the state of a small drop (a spirit associated with the image of the ” I ” and considering itself as an instrument of the body-mind-consciousness, that is, someone specific) to the infinite state of the sea, in which each of the drops of the world is manifested-this is the Divine Consciousness. A true master has this knowledge.

Why and who needs your spiritual master guru?

Whether or not an individual needs a master, your true Spiritual Master, who frees the spirit from the darkness of oblivion, is most popular only with the individual. In fact, each person has different goals and understandings of what it takes to be happy (even though they are extraordinary?), and the deep path itself is almost identical to climbing a mountain: mountain, yoga

20 kilometers to the mountain-the territory is generally flat, it is not difficult to walk, the walk is charming, why help here? You go on indefinitely. You can walk like this for quite a while, maybe someone doesn’t realize there’s a mountain ahead, and assuming they do, maybe they couldn’t care less about it.

20 kilometers to the mountain-the territory is generally flat, it is not difficult to walk, the walk is charming, why help here?
your Spiritual Master

Why on earth would I do that? The spirit directly asks! I feel like I need it, and that it’s the most obvious wish of my life! But by and large, I will move there … the mountain is exceptionally high and steep. Indeed, there are a significant number of paths on the ascent…

I chose one…I went…and a few kilometers of a dead-end…I went back, picked another one, and went…Then I heard a few voices and crept cautiously nearer, and there the robbers were giggling and gloating over how cleverly they had deceived their last victim.

Discreetly and cautiously, I left as quickly as I could secretly.

From somewhere to the south came the thunder of a bear…The sound of falling stones came from above … and now everything is fading.…

Also, I need to go to the mountain, all things considered, I know without a doubt! Here, at the level of awareness at which I am now, I have no desire at this moment to live by any stretch of the imagination!

Moreover, I fully admit that I need a guide. Such a guide who has successfully climbed this mountain and understands how to do it.

Those people who say that they don’t need to worry about the spiritual master, that they eventually need to go, that they need to get a little bit from each of the Masters, mostly don’t have the goal of moving to the highest point of the mountain or don’t understand what risks may lie on the pause for them.

Maybe their spirit doesn’t need it right now, so there’s no good reason to leave anyone here. Everything has its own time limit. One manifestation is only one edge of the vast, endless film of life. Our spirits know the whole situation, and at the right moment, they will instinctively try to guide us on the right path.

Which spiritual master should I choose?
spiritual master

Which spiritual master should I choose?

Good. I realize that I need a spiritual teacher, I need a guru, I really need him, like air. Where should I look for it?

There is such a big phrase:

“The student is ready, and the teacher is ready.”

When the disciple is ready, the spiritual master guru himself will appear in his life. And only so.

The task of the student is to become ready.

Is there even one person in this world who thinks that he is absolutely perfect? Do people really not know how to become better?
The direction is indicated from the very childhood. What do fairytales teach?

Kindness, politeness, calmness, courage, accuracy, gratitude, diligence, generosity, wisdom, patience.

What do the scriptures teach?

Kindness, love, forgiveness, generosity, acceptance, trust in God, diligence, wisdom, patience.

What do the Yams and Niyams teach?

Kindness, love, detachment, purity, selflessness, trust in God, diligence, patience, respect.

Who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the previously mentioned bearing where you need to develop yourself?

This is setting yourself up to be prepared to meet the master. Also, you can prepare in this preparation on anybody, particularly adequately for this situation, family, family members and work partners help you:) If you figure out how to remain totally quiet, cherishing, kindhearted and upbeat in any ordinary situations, then .. it is possible that you will end up being a holy person, or He will show up at the principal call:

Returning to the image with the mountain

Here I realized that I need a guide to climb the mountain. I returned to the nearest village and began to look for him. I found the one who went up the mountain, I even found five. But they looked at me and unanimously said-there is no equipment, the muscles are weak – you will not rise. Strengthen your body and get your gear out.

And finally added – and do not believe it, if someone says that and so you will hold, and then the cases of robbery have become more frequent.

And I turned pale, remembering the happy robbers and their slain victim … thank God they didn’t catch me.

From the perspective of the Vedic Scriptures, there are five kinds of spiritual master (guru) The first is our own psyche. The reason is the main thing that recognizes the man from the creature.

It is our explanation that permits us not to follow up because of senses, yet to settle on choices dependent on a reasonable perspective on things. Be that as it may, it is significant that, single direction or another, we are totally presented to society and the data encompassing us, and in some cases what we accept is right and even the main right in a given circumstance can be forced on us all things considered.

In short, I didn’t need a guru at the time. Even though I thought I needed him.

I can build up my muscles and earn money for equipment without it. And if I want to climb a mountain, I have to do it, there are so many things that a person has to do by himself, not because he wants to do it himself because of a strong ego (which is the biggest obstacle on the spiritual path and prevents meetings with a spiritual master guru), but because to become more aware, to develop concentration, willpower, and intuition, the easiest way is through achieving the right, good goals.

When the disciple is ready, the spiritual master appears.
spiritual master

When the disciple is ready, the spiritual master appears.

And so, the efforts I made gave the result – the body is strong, the equipment is available. I walk happily and confidently to that village. Now they’ll take me up the mountain!

Now they will.

However, here I end the above analogy with the mountain because the spiritual world has its own more subtle laws, in which there will be less confusion if we talk about them specifically.

The most important thing is what your spiritual master guru gives you.

  • Our subsequent instructor is the inner voice. You can regularly hear the articulation “live by still, small voice”. I don’t get its meaning? “Conscience” can be decayed into two segments, which somewhat uncover the importance of this word. “Co-message” is a joint message. What can be implied by this idea? In the event that we think about this inquiry from the perspective of rebirth, each zhivatma has just amassed some involvement with previous existences, and it is this experience that can be said to shape an inner voice — a profound familiarity with what is acceptable and what is terrible. As such, the heart is a “joint message” with its unique nature. Likely everybody in youth had an inclination that after certain activities there is psychological distress. This is simply the voice of heart, which shows from adolescence and can simply hold up under observer to the experience of past manifestations.
  • The third educator is our inward voice. What is implied by this idea? As per the antiquated Scriptures, there is a piece of the all-inclusive brain in the core of each living being. Specifically, in the Bhagavad Gita, when offering directions to Arjuna, Krsna portrays in detail the nearness of an undying soul in the core of each living being. What’s more, after rudimentary rationale, on the off chance that this molecule inside us is a piece of the general brain, at that point, it has ideal information on all wonders. It isn’t so natural to hear this internal voice, and at times this open door is discovered simply following quite a while of moving along the way of an otherworldly turn of events. In any case, comprehend that all information and all the best and most perfect characteristics are now inside us.
  • Our fourth educator is all the individuals around us. This may sound weird, yet everybody around us is our educator somehow. What’s more, regardless of whether we are encircled by individuals who are ethical, to say the least, a long way from great, this doesn’t imply that they can not be our educators. Or maybe the inverse. The fact is this: an individual doesn’t need to collect all the experience to comprehend which ways are bogus and which are valid. For instance, you don’t have any involvement in medicate use to realize that it prompts obliteration. What’s more, it is individuals who are as of now in this damaging way that can show us by their model this is a way to no place. The medication model is the most unrefined, however, this rule is additionally obvious in less complex things. Here and there we can perceive how outrage, desire, jealousy, insatiability, etc push individuals to do insane things, the results of which can be extremely tragic.
  • What’s more, this is the thing that permits us to comprehend that this conduct is ruinous. There is even a sentiment that some elevated level educators may intentionally play such an “appear”, submitting improper and idiotic activities to show others what results in things of a true spiritual master Guru:s prompts. On the off chance that you read the Buddhist Scriptures, you can discover a lot of stunning anecdotes about how illuminated creatures did apparently awful things, however just so as to show somebody something. What’s more, starting here of view, it is very conceivable to expect that the individual who carries on mistakenly towards us might be an edified educator who has come explicitly to show us a thing or two. Subsequently, all the individuals around us, intentionally or unwittingly, can be our educators.

Signs of a true spiritual master guru

Of course, only a truly enlightened person can 100% accurately identify who is a spiritual master Guru, and who is “just learning” or even pretending. But there are several true “folk” signs of how to identify a Guru:

  • When you meet this person, you immediately experience gratuitous joy. You are very easy with this person. His (her) very presence brings joy. This is the first good sign when looking for a spiritual master Guru. If a person causes irritation, a heavy feeling in the heart-not the fact that it is quite a charlatan, but it is definitely not your spiritual master Guru.
  • “Appletree by apple tree”. The true spiritual master is not the one who has the most followers (pop stars and actors may have even more, but they are not Gurus), but the one who has the most enlightened disciples. If you look closely at a handful of close disciples and a spiritual master Guru, you can roughly estimate the level of his own spirituality. “Tell me who your disciple is, and I will tell you whether you are a Guru or not.” If a person is surrounded by exalted, emotionally unstable people, with physical health problems, who need his constant presence — you are most likely dealing with a sect. A true spiritual master Guru gives his disciples freedom, makes them strong in all respects (because he prepares his departure in advance).
Signs of a true spiritual master guru
How to find your Spiritual Master (guru)
  • A spiritual master can be outwardly an ordinary person, not distinguished by any outstanding appearance, be rich or poor, beautiful or bad-looking, completely healthy or completely old and sick, fat or thin, can be highly educated or illiterate (history has seen different examples). But in any case, this person is deeply rooted in peace, joy, balance. He can be strict, even rude — but angry, irritated — never. He does not worry about small things or important (from our point of view) issues. Nothing “drives him mad”: neither joy nor sorrow. The main feeling is next to a true spiritual Guru (even if it’s not your Guru!) it is an inexplicable peace and gratuitous joy. A person who only wants to seem like a Guru will invariably create anxiety inside you, play on your feelings, try to manipulate you-he will harshly criticize you or, on the contrary, unexpectedly praise you in order to bind you to himself by methods of banal psychological influence.
  • A person who has not overcome his sexual desires, and constantly needs attention from other people — is not a spiritual master Guru, he has not risen to the superhuman level and, accordingly, is at best as much a seeker like yourself. He has nothing to teach you and nothing to share. Only those who have already passed it can show the way. A spiritual master Guru who is always surrounded by students is hardly a real, true spiritual master Guru who finds time and opportunity to do retreats (hermitages).
  • The guru does not accumulate wealth (although he may have it by fate). Any manifestations of hoarding, collecting beautiful or expensive things, taking care of your monetary gain — a clear sign of a false Guru. This person can be an interesting conversationalist, an incendiary speaker, even a strong yogi — but he has not yet overcome his own Ego — which means, again, there is no chance that he will help you in this!
  • The guru will never force you to do anything special in the world (which is not related to the practice of yoga) or donate money to him. By and large, the true teacher does not need anything from the student, except that he goes on the path of self-development — and then only if there is the goodwill of the one, never forcibly!
  • Finally, one more thing: in the same treatises that emphasize the importance of finding a Guru, a warning is given: before you recognize someone as your Guru, you should carefully study him, learn his life and biography, good and bad sides, live next to him for a while, and only then thoroughly reflect and make a decision. “Often, both people choose Gurus and Gurus accept students without proper verification. Such alliances always end in misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, discord, and grief.” Be wise, even if you are only a disciple, not a Guru.