Generous serving of mixed greens

Generous serving of mixed greens


Lentils-1/2 tbsp. Green-bundle
Olive oil Soy sauce-1 tbsp.
Mushrooms-230 g Zucchini-2-3 PCs. (little)
Adyghe cheese-230 g Sour cream – ½ tbsp.
Avocado – 1 PC. Cherry – 10-12 PCs.
Salad – 2 PCs. Dried dill


The right combination of foods for a healthy diet. In addition, modern people eat less and less fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, replacing them with heavy, processed, denatured, and vitamin-free food.

Therefore, we do not interfere with a portion of mixed salad greens, People lead a sedentary lifestyle, often eat snacks, fast food is ubiquitous. According to G. Shelton, food can be divided into proteins, vegetables and herbs, starchy vegetables, sweet fruits, sour fruits, starches, fats, and sugars.

From the Generous serving of mixed greens, we get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, micro – and macronutrients. Serving of mixed greens gives us the strength and energy to live a full life.

But at the present time, many people think of food not as fuel for the body, but as a means of satisfying their own addictions and desires. More and more often we forget that food should first of all be useful and easily absorbed by the body.

After all, serving of mixed greens has a beneficial effect on the state of both the body and the mind of a person. We are what we eat — the cells of our body are built from the building material that we supply them.


Wash the lentils and boil them. Cut the greens and mix with oil, salt, and spices.

Cut the mushrooms thinly. Bake in the form of, watering a mixture of butter and soy sauce. Add water ¼ Cup if necessary.
Cut the zucchini thinly, brush with oil, and sprinkle with salt and spices. Place on a baking sheet and bake, turning as necessary.

Cut the Adyghe cheese and fry it in a pan. Peel and cut the avocado. Cut the cherry into halves.

Mix sour cream and soy sauce with dill.

Put lettuce leaves on the bottom of the salad bowl, then strips of lentils, sliced avocado, mushrooms, zucchini, cheese, tomatoes. Pour the sauce over the top.

Have a nice meal!


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