Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Every day, yoga clothes are becoming more popular, and at the same time, the number of styles of yoga clothes is also increasing. Going to your first class, I think everyone asks the same question: “What should be the clothes for yoga, what form to take?”.

In a nutshell, yoga clothes should be, firstly, comfortable, and secondly, made of natural materials, but there are some nuances. Clothing for yoga directly depends on the goals of the practice: for some, the goal may be physical development, for others-spiritual improvement.

Of course, there is also a middle way, and in general, the physical and spiritual undoubtedly have a connection, here, rather, we are talking about a specific occupation that you will give preference to today.

How to choose yoga clothes?

Material for yoga clothing

Material is the main thing in a yoga dress. Cotton textures with a little expansion of fabricated materials are ideal for classes since they feel totally characteristic and don’t cause aggravation, while they have common sense and wear opposition, and furthermore stretch well, which is an obligatory prerequisite for attire for class.

Mix (mixed fabrics: cotton+elastic synthetics)

Considering the rehearsals, yoga clothes can be made of various materials, it can be concluded unequivocally that by and large, a mixture of cotton and universal factory materials, factory materials (for example, lycra) is best suited for training. Often this is the ideal, as we would like to think (and as indicated by expert checks) mixture in the degree of 90% cotton + 10% lycra (elastane).

Such clothes have а lot of advantages:

  • the body ” breathes»;
  • the fabric does not acquire unpleasant odors even after a few classes,
  • natural materials that predominate in such clothes are more useful from the point of view of energy;
  • reasonable price;
  • attractive appearance;
  • closed yoga clothing made of cotton or with a predominance of cotton is a standard (and mandatory) choice for practicing in ashrams in India, while the knees and elbows should be covered, both for women and men. Dressed in this way, you will not hit your face in the dirt in front of the Indian Guru and you will definitely be missed at the entrance to the ashram \ temple\monastery\yogashala;
  • in general, simple yoga clothing made of cotton with the addition of synthetics, although it looks quite decent, at the same time more modest and inconspicuous, allows you to look neutral and not distract your own and others ‘ attention from the practice itself;
  • in the line of clothing made of such materials, there are a lot of models for men, as well as for women.

Natural fabrics (cotton)

Natural fabrics (cotton)
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

There are fanatics of 100% normal cotton textures that don’t endure any engineered materials. Be that as it may, normal materials have various drawbacks:

such garments can not be tight-fitting, so you should work in extensive styles;

in such garments, inevitably, the knees may loosen up, and they will lose their appearance;

with escalated practice, such garments are immediately washed, the shadings blur and in uncommon cases, cotton can (contingent upon the nature of the material) fold into pellets;

overabundance texture in a free dress made of characteristic texture, (for example, cotton) can meddle with training, particularly in the event that you favor dynamic styles. Well-known ethnic styles “Aladdin jeans “or” angler pants “(“angler”) look extraordinary in regular wear, yet in the homeroom, the abundance of texture can meddle with you and occupy your consideration.


Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Fully synthetic fabrics also have their fans. Many of these clothes are produced by well-known fitness brands, it is extremely popular in the West.

However, unlike fitness clothing, yoga clothing is not so important to heat sink (synthetic fabrics with a “cold” feeling on the skin and technological moisture-wicking materials (dry flow, etc.), as comfort in movement and unusual poses (including stretching the knees and twisting the body, freedom of hands and heels).

The choice of material for yoga clothing may not be completely synthetic, or “purely natural”, it is more reasonable to use a” mix ” of cotton and synthetic material, which will allow the clothes to fit better and stretch more easily where necessary (in the knees, on the elbows, and on the opening of the pelvis), while the body “breathes” in natural fabric.

Color clothes for yoga

Color clothes for yoga
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Here you have full scope for imagination. Someone likes active bright colors, someone calms pastel. Choose the color to suit your character and mood.

Psychologists have long found out the patterns of influence of clothing of different colors on the human mind:

  • purple is а“magical” color that promotes the development of intuition. Color of the Sahasrara Chakra;
  • red-invigorates give strength for intense, “breakthrough” practice, but can overexcite the mind.;
  • orange-invigorates, but to a lesser extent. The color of Svadhisthana-chakra,
  • yellow-gives joy, it is a “sunny” color. The color of Manipura chakra;
  • blue-calms and gives clarity of mind, promotes concentration. The color of the Ajna chakra;
  • green (and light green) – the color of the Anahata chakra, increases sincerity, and cordiality, and gives peace of mind. In addition, this color is pleasant to the eye and is “natural” (most comfortable for the human eye);
  • white is the color of spiritual perfection, the brightest and brightest color that combines all colors. Clothing of this color is traditionally worn by saints and ascetics, advanced yogis. Clothing of this color is very favorable for yoga, but it will have to be washed often. The color of Shiva, Consciousness in Yoga;
  • saffron is another auspicious spiritual color, along with deep crimson or copper brick (the color of the Sun in yoga);
  • Black is a magical color that gives the power of renunciation, and asceticism. The color of Kali is the energy of destruction in yoga. However, it can be depressing with frequent wear. It does not require daily washing, you can practice in nature (for example, at a field seminar) without the danger of instantly losing your neat appearance.

Women’s Yoga Wear

Women's Yoga Wear
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

As I would like to think, a helpful alternative for a top for yoga classes for ladies is a games shirt with an implicit top, it can likewise be an ordinary shirt and the top of a game. Be that as it may, rather than the top of a game, there might be a cotton brassiere without bones, which won’t RUB during exercise.

The decision of the top relies upon the force of the training: on the off chance that it is a unique practice with bounces and tosses, at that point the top ought to have great fixing properties.

With respect to pants, you can likewise rehearse in ordinary sewed games pants, it can likewise be tights or Aladdin pants (again). From my experience, I can say that not all game pants are reasonable for preparing: for instance, in reflexive games pants with a low-ascent belt, it is incredibly badly arranged to do yoga.

Numerous individuals lean toward Aladdin, in light of the fact that because of the free cut, you ought not to stress over the figure: in these jeans, you don’t feel any firmness, and they give the training a unique shade since they are constantly connected with yoga. There are models of sewed jeans with a thigh belt that can be collapsed a few times and extensive jeans with versatile groups at the base.

A seriously agreeable model, not tight and simultaneously without additional texture. In any case, maybe most devotees of tights: are open to, nothing frustrating, the instructor can all the more likely observe the profundity of the performed asanas, the detriments are the engineered material in the piece and the chance of exorbitant consideration, yet more on this later.

Men’s yoga wear

Men's yoga wear
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Men’s attire for yoga is likewise very assorted. With respect to the top, it very well may be any Jersey or shirt. A few styles of yoga, for instance, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga men like to do with the exposed middle.

The base additionally changes relying on the style: shorts, track pants, breeches, Afghans, and even stockings. It is imperative to pick the base so apparel doesn’t meddle with playing out a wide range of asanas, including extending asanas: parts jump, and so on.

Clothing for yoga classes

As such, you have to see how unique the class will be, regardless of whether somebody will see you, and whether there is a customary dress for your picked style (for instance, Kundalini yoga understudies wear a specific dress, normally white, which, notwithstanding roomy jeans and shirt, remembers a turban for their head).

In the event that this is a powerful practice, at that point there ought not to be a ton of garments, they ought not to meddle with development. For certain individuals, the nature of the dress, for example, water waste is significant, however, this is just conceivable in engineered things, and here everybody chooses for himself.

While doing more quiet sorts of yoga, it bodes well to offer inclination to the most characteristic textures, while the cut can be free. In the event that you are working with a coach and it is significant for them to see the alleviation of your body, at that point additional fitting attire will be proper.

Yoga apparel ought to permit you to dive deep into any asana, regardless of whether it is a part, a tilt, or an extension. You have to focus on the way that the highest point of the structure doesn’t lift up when twisting, and the base doesn’t confine development when spreading your legs.

On the off chance that you lean toward an extensive shirt, at that point, its length ought to be sufficient to fold into your jeans, thus that it doesn’t fix while playing out a tilt, scaffold, or headstand.

Yoga Nidra includes a long remain in Shavasana, for example in the recumbent position, so when heading off to this class, you have to pick garments with the goal that you don’t freeze and that it is helpful to lie for quite a while, for example, there ought to be no catches, ties, zippers, hitches, and so on the rear of the body.

For what reason does it bode well to focus on the creation of the gathering? The truth of the matter is that while rehearsing yoga in structure, yet in addition fundamentally, you ought not to miss the vitality minutes related to concentrating on the rest of your personal effects.

Consequently, on the off chance that you are a young lady who is occupied with a blended gathering, it is smarter to wear a progressively humble uniform, so as not to divert youngsters and men from the training.

It ought to be said that this issue isn’t so pertinent in yoga bunches “in a grown-up way”, for example in bunches where everybody during training focuses however much as could reasonably be expected on working with themselves and their internal world. Be that as it may, the more humble the young lady looks on the Mat, the better for her own training.

In the event that the objective of the training is to feel the vitality flows however much as could be expected, at that point pick cotton or material attire with a looser cut. Additionally, as I would see it if the training doesn’t include escalated development, it is smarter to wear free attire made of normal materials: the body takes in it and nothing meddles with the free progression of vitality.

Yoga clothing for different types

Yoga clothing for different types
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

When choosing yoga clothes, you should consider the course you will be locked in. There are many types of yoga, but they differ from each other in the power of development, which implies that they require a variety of attire.

The most popular yoga directions

  • Bikram or “hot yoga” – classes are held in a room heated to 37-400 C. The heat should cause profuse sweating, which leads to the cleansing of the body, so the lightest clothing is appropriate. From the heat, the muscles relax, which contributes to the successful performance of stretching exercises – make sure that your suit withstands them, and does not tear at the crucial moment.
  • Khatka yoga includes exercises for coordination and breath control – choose a spacious suite without tight elastic bands.
  • Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic direction in which intense exercises alternate with calmer movements. The suit should stretch well and keep its shape.
  • Iyengar yoga involves staying in one position for a long time – it is better if the clothes do not squeeze or squeeze the body anywhere.
  • Ashtanga yoga is another dynamic system in which exercises are performed without stopping. For classes, a tight-fitting form that will not slip or bulge with the most active movements is suitable.

Choose yoga clothing so that you are comfortable in it when performing any exercises. Please note that the right yoga clothing helps the student to get into the spiritual mood of yoga and contributes to his success in mastering the practices.

What material should I choose for yoga clothing?

It is believed that a yogi’s costume should be made of natural fabrics that do not interfere with the energy exchange between a person and the universe. Cotton is especially popular – it absorbs moisture well, is pleasant to the body, allows the skin to breathe freely, and does not cause allergies. However, natural fibers have a number of disadvantages:

  • The material quickly fades and deforms during intense training.
  • Sloppy pellets form on the fabric.
  • Cotton crumples stick to the sweaty body, and absorb odors – by the end of the lesson, the form looks and also smells rather unsightly.
  • Natural wool is electrified when it comes into contact with synthetics – in particular, with a mat.

Yoga clothing becomes more durable and practical if a small number of artificial threads – lycra, elastane, polyester-is added to the cotton. The material completely retains the advantages of natural fiber but also acquires additional useful properties.

Yoga Leggings
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

Yoga clothing made of mixed fabrics:

  • Elastic – it stretches well and does not lose its shape.
  • Removes moisture to the surface, which makes the body drier.
  • Perfectly fits the figure.
  • Do not absorb odors.
  • It does not tear and retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time.
  • It has a positive effect on blood circulation and muscle tone.
  • Easy to wash, dry quickly.
  • Pleasant to the touch.
  • It is painted in different colors
  • so that every beginner can choose a suit of their favorite shade.
  • It is painted in different colors so that every beginner can choose a suit of their favorite shade.

Yoga clothing can also be made from high-tech artificial materials that have been created specifically for different sports.

High-quality mixed or innovative synthetic fabrics do not interfere with proper energy exchange and have all the properties necessary for practicing yoga practices.

You come to yoga to improve yourself, to achieve inner and outer harmony-Yoga clothing, in which you will be comfortable practicing yoga. Do not wear clothes that will irritate or distract you from your classes or the people who train nearby

Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories
Yoga Clothing for Women and Men: what is Better to Do in 2021

In addition to yoga clothes, you will need a lot of other things.

Yoga Mat

Many asanas are performed lying down. So that the body does not hurt from contact with the hard floor, and the hands and feet would not move apart with intense movements, yogis use special mats. You can buy them at the sports store. But if you do not want to spend money or are not sure that you will be engaged for a long time, you can use the general yoga mats – in most centers it is free.

Experienced athletes believe that using a personal mat is safer and more hygienic:

  • For general use, mats made of cheap slippery materials are often purchased – classes on them can lead to injury.
  • Mats are sometimes made from toxic synthetics-training can end in allergies or even poisoning.
  • If the mat is too thin or uncomfortable, it will hurt you to lean on it with your hands and knees, as well as to make rolls.
  • Performing many asanas causes active sweating. Do you want to lie down with a sweaty body on the mat, on which several people were lying in the same way before you? Or walk barefoot on a long-unwashed rug?

To avoid unpleasant consequences, cover the public mat with a towel. And if you decide to buy your own yoga mat, choose a model made of high-quality eco-friendly materials that are suitable for your direction.
Buy a special bag or belt for the mat – they make it easier to store and carry the accessory.


Effective practice!


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