8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexe

Yoga for improving lymph flow. The lymph is a clear, watery liquid. It, unlike blood, moves through the blood vessels due to the contractions of the heart, the lymph flow is provided by muscle contractions and contractions of the vessels themselves, which contain smooth myocytes.

Yoga asanas help improve the flow of lymph. The postures described below are also called immune-boosting asanas, as they improve the flow of lymph in a natural way and, as a result, intensify the elimination of toxins from the body and strengthen its defenses.

What is the lymphatic system? Lymph is an intercellular liquid that is fundamentally the same as in piece to the synthesis of blood, however, doesn’t have red platelets. Lymphatic vessels have a huge lumen, bigger than veins, and they convey enormous protein atoms from organs and muscles and unsaturated fats from the digestion tracts to the liver for additional preparation.

The lymphatic system is an additional collector for the circulatory system. It does not regulate the level of intercellular fluid, it is rather piped for its circulation. The levels of all fluids in the body are controlled and regulated by the hormonal and nervous systems.

Therefore, the causes of edema should be sought deeper than at the level of the lymphatic system, if these are not problems associated with blockage of lymph nodes or postoperative lymphocytosis. This is determined by a doctor with medical education. It is impossible to determine the nature of edema by eye.

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

The lymphatic system is closed. It does not have any additional exits to the mucous membranes. Problems with diseases of the mucous membranes should be looked for in the violation of blood circulation of these membranes and associated local immunodeficiency.

Intercellular fluid is absorbed into the small lymphatic duct, goes to a larger one, always from the periphery to the center, and on its way passes the lymph nodes, where immune cells lyse (destroy) fragments of molecules and cells, bacteria, fungi, and in general everything that is considered “harmful” and alien. Lymph nodes are the centers of reproduction of B-lymphocytes-special immune cells that can transform into other immune cells if necessary.

The main vessel of the lymphatic system is the thoracic duct-it collects all the lymph from the human body and passes through it 1.5-2 liters of lymph per day. It passes to the right of the trachea and flows into the veins of the cervical plexus.

That is, once again. The lymphatic system is closed, it does not and cannot have any exits to the skin or mucous membranes, the TC is responsible for the redistribution of fluid inside the body. The lymph in the lymph nodes is cleared and pushed to the thoracic duct by contraction of the muscles along which the lymphatic vessels run. The reverse flow of lymph is impossible — the vessels have a very developed system of valves.

The skin has a huge number of lymphatic vessels and the lymph stagnates more often under the skin. What’s so good about it? And the fact that these edemas can easily be removed by any masseur who knows how to do lymphatic drainage massage. After such a massage, you literally run to the toilet.

The most important thing that yogis and all health professionals should know: the pump for lymph is the DIAPHRAGM.

What is the lymphatic system?

About 20 liters of plasma pass sequentially through the corridors, arterioles, and blood vessels. As a result of transporting additives to the cells and tissues of the body, about 17 liters are returned through the veins to the circulatory system. The remaining 3 liters seep through the blood vessels into the body’s tissues. The lymphatic framework collects this abundance of fluid from the tissues, currently called lymph, and moves it into the circulatory system.

Functions of the lymphatic system:

  • Maintains fluid balance between blood and tissues, i.e. performs fluid homeostasis.
  • It is part of the body’s immune system and helps protect against bacteria and viruses.
  • Promotes the absorption of fat and fat-soluble nutrients in the digestive system.

Structure of the lymphatic system

How to get the lymph to work

To prevent diseases and maintain the functioning of all body systems, it is very important that the lymphatic system works without failure. Simple tips and a healthy lifestyle will help prevent the stagnation of lymph and a number of serious diseases, such as lymphoma, lymphadenitis, and lymphedema.

  • Drink clean water.
  • Follow a healthy diet rich in alkaline foods.
  • Include healthy fats in your diet.
  • Practice yoga daily and go for a run.
  • Avoid toxic substances and harmful to the health of the environment.
  • Learn to cope with stress.

The structure of the lymphatic system

Lymph (lymphatic liquid) is an aggregation of “overabundance” liquid from cells and tissues, just as from proteins, minerals, fats, supplements, harmed cells, microbes, infections, etc. The lymph additionally conveys white platelets (lymphocytes) that battle contaminations.

The lymph nodes are the amygdala glands that control and purify the lymph. The nodes filter out damaged and cancerous cells and produce and store lymphocytes and other immune system cells. About 600 lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body. Some exist as a single node, others as chains. The most famous lymph nodes are located in the armpits, groin, and neck.

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

The lymphatic vessels are а network of capillaries. They are located throughout the body and transport lymph from the tissues. The lymph vessels collect and filter the lymph in the nodes as it continues to move to the larger vessels. These vessels work in the same way as the veins, that is, at very low pressure.

The gathering conduits void the lymph into the privileged and left lymphatic channels. They at that point associate with the subclavian vein, which returns the lymph to the circulation system. Returning the lymph to the circulation system keeps up typical blood volume and pressing factors. It additionally forestalls over-the-top liquid development around the tissues (called edema).

The spleen is the biggest organ of the lymphatic framework that channels and stores blood and delivers white platelets.

The thymus is located in the upper part of the chest under the sternum. Here, white blood cells mature, which fight against foreign organisms.

The tonsils and adenoids trap pathogens from food and air entering the body. This is the body’s first line of defense.

The bone marrow is a soft, spongy tissue in the center of some bones. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are produced in the bone marrow.

Peyer’s spots are small formations of lymphatic tissue in the mucosa lining the small intestine. These lymphoid cells control and destroy the bacteria in the gut.

The appendix contains lymphoid tissue that can destroy the bacteria before they break through the intestinal wall during absorption. Scientists believe that the appendix plays a role in the placement of “good bacteria” and their repopulation in the intestine after the infection disappears.

How to activate the lymph flow

Blockage of the lymphatic system

When the lymph system does not cope with the flow of toxins and cell decay, which significantly increases diseases and unhealthy lifestyles, the lymph becomes thick, and waste accumulates in the nodes.

In the case of contamination of the lymphatic system, in the body:

  • the protective immune barriers weaken;
  • the risk of infections increases
  • inflamed lymph nodes;
  • there are disorders in the digestive system, intestines;
  • allergic reactions develop;
  • the skin becomes inflamed, acne and pimples occur;
  • there is swelling pallor, and chronic fatigue.
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

Lymphatic drainage procedure

  • With blockages of the lymph framework, it is important to normally build the surge of lymph. Lymphatic waste is accomplished for restorative and preventive purposes. It is likewise significant in stylish medication: it permits you to dispose of cellulite, returns the skin to immovability and flexibility, keeps it from hanging, and doesn’t permit exorbitant dryness or oiliness.
  • Lymphatic waste assists with restoring and improving the body, increment imperativeness. With this strategy, the elements of the endocrine framework, and the overall physical and psychoemotional condition of an individual are improved. In instances of serious disease or inability, lymph seepage gets fundamental for typical prosperity, as the lymph is inclined to stagnation. To do this, lymphatic seepage is completed in standard courses.

Improved lymph outflow

Gymnastic and breathing exercises, especially in the fresh air, will help to activate the lymphatic system and improve the outflow.

A set of yoga exercises for the lymphatic system

Since the heart isn’t associated with siphoning lymph, without our mediation, it will turn out to be more drowsy and will be more terrible at adapting to its assignments. Just through profound cadenced breathing and muscle work can the lymphatic framework be kept fit as a fiddle.

Any workout (subtle or incredible) can turn into a siphon for the lymphatic framework. For example, running improves lymph flow, and an unusual back massage can reduce dilation. However, it is wiser to look for the best lymph cleansing classes in yoga, as they help improve the body’s lymphatic trickle-down. Moreover, yoga exerts delicate pressure on small lymph nodes, which increases the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Half-bridge pose (Setu Bandhasana)

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

This asana includes a slight backward bend that stimulates deep lymph vessels, as well as an inverted asana that provides light compression of the cervical lymph nodes.

Twisted belly pose (Jathara Parivartanasana)

Curvature perfectly revives the lymphatic vessels due to gentle pressure. During turns, the connective tissue that contains the lymph is more versatile, which helps to improve lymph flow.

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

It stimulates the thymus gland and rejuvenates the part of the lymphatic system that is located closer to the breast.

Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

This is another exercise to clear the lymph and open the breast. Moreover, both the light version (Ardha Bhujangasana) and the full version of Cobra work equally effectively with the thymus and spleen.

Viparita karani-mudra

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

modified asanas increase the flow of lymph to the heart and maintain the tone of the lymphatic vessels of the entire body. If this asana is still difficult to perform, you can try to put your feet on the septum, which will also have a positive effect on the lymph flow.

Complete yoga breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing helps to expand the impact on the lymphatic vessels since the stomach acts as a Central siphon for deeper lymphatic vessels. You can perform full breathing in yoga as a free exercise or combine it with performing asanas.

When you practice yoga to stimulate the development of lymph, it is very important to think in two directions:

throughout the practice, focus on deep, relaxed breathing. This creates an internal pump that drives the naturally passive lymphatic system.
The goal of the practice is to improve superficial blood circulation. Also, all tea plants are easy.

Clavicle massage

Rests on the floor, ideally under the back to put a mat. Relax your body. Put your hands on your chest and attempt to arrive at your fingers to the collarbone with your arms crossed. At the left, lift your elbows, and don’t press hard on the dimples under the cuticles. Relax as you inhale. Repeat the back rub multiple times.

Massage in the solar plexus area

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes


Sit on a seat and fix your back. Fold your fingers as though you took a spot of something like salt. Take a full breath and as of now tenderly push on the sun-powered plexus, which is situated under the ribs. The shoulders are somewhat shifted forward at this point. After 1-2 seconds, unwind and exhale. Repeat the back rub 15 times. At first, it will sting, yet then when the pressure is taken out, it will get simpler.

From facial edema

8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

Since the lymphatic framework is additionally answerable for shielding the body’s insusceptible framework from little injuries and scraped spots, an obvious indicator of its disintegration is expanding, the presence of rashes, redness, and helplessness injury mending.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Facial massage, which stimulates the outflow of lymph, is a physiotherapy procedure. Lymph is an intercellular fluid that collects toxins and slags, disposing of them in the lymph nodes. The amount of lymph in the body is regulated by internal systems, but in some pathologies, the outflow of fluid may increase: for example, with kidney damage and endocrine pathology myxedema. In this case, massages will be ineffective, and massive edema will persist until the necessary treatment is applied.

But the lymph flow can also slow down in a healthy person. Unlike the blood flow, which is supported by the heart, the lymph flow is slow. After 25 years, its rate decreases even more, and after 40 years, lymphocytosis can develop. You can notice the first signs of the problem in the morning: with age, the face becomes pastier, and the eyelids swell.

As a result, the person not only looks older, they actually age faster. Due to the slow circulation of the intercellular fluid, the toxins are not excreted in the right volume, and the local metabolism deteriorates. Due to the lack of collagen and elastin, the skin that stretches under the influence of edema sags, and a violation of the blood supply spoils the complexion.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage
8 Best Lymphatic Yoga Complexes

Lymph Massage, unlike classical massage, affects only the lymph, without having a significant effect on the blood flow. The movements should be light, and soft, and the massage patterns should be different since the purpose of manual action is to accelerate the transport of fluid to the nearest lymph node.

For the procedure, you need to know the anatomy of the face well: if you click on the wrong points, you can provoke the development of local edema in the form of bumps and bumps.



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