Greek salad

Greek salad


Cherry tomatoes-6 PCs. Sweet pepper – 1 PC.
Cucumber-1 PC. Olives – 6 PCs.
Golden gram sprouts – 10 g Onion – 1 piece
Dill – 1 bunch Feta cheese – 250 gr.


Greek salad is known all over the world, its unforgettable taste is incomparable with any other. In Greece, it is called choreatik, which means “rustic”, and all because it consists of such products that are present every day in abundance among the peasants.

The most important ingredient in this dish is a feta-a soft cheese made from sheep’s milk, currently considered Greek. Cheese is rich in calcium and iron, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It is very popular in all Mediterranean countries and is an indispensable element.


Cleave the dill, blend it in with yogurt, and put it on the base of the container. Cut the tomatoes into equal parts, expel the skin from the cucumber and finely hack, slash the olives, cut into dainty cuts of sweet pepper. Put the vegetables in layers in a container, put the Masha grows on top. Close the container with a cover. Prior to utilizing, mix the serving of mixed greens.

Have a decent dinner!


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